St. Patrick’s Parade 2018

I haven’t been out to the parade in a few years but decided to go this year.

Amadeus Finlay

I unexpectedly met up with Amadeus Finlay and we ended up watching the parade together. It was a lot of fun. Amadeus is hilarious and should probably have his own show where he provides commentary on whatever is going on around him.

Stilt-walkers dressed as green fairies

I was impressed by these stilt-walkers. I trip over my own feet walking across a room. They walked all the way down Park Ave. on stilts and made it look fun and easy.

Antique fire truck on a flatbed with the firechief

It was nice to see this beautiful antique fire truck.

Polar Bear mascot menacing us

I graduated from North High so I’m always happy to cheer on the Polar Bear and North students. (Go, Polar Bears!)

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