Goth Gardeners, This Is For You

Four large dragon head garden statuesIt was a really nice day yesterday so we took a ride out to Bemis Farms Nursery. Our plan was to just look around and get some ideas. The plan changed after we saw these dragon head statues. I had to have one.

As expected, they’ve got big, beautiful pansies in a great selection of colors and some other early flowers. I really liked the purples they had but my yard is nowhere near ready for any new plants. However, they had black violas. I’ve never seen anything like them and black is my favorite color so, obviously, I had to buy some of those. They’ll be living in a little pot in my house for now because my yard needs work and it’s been too cold for flowers out there anyway.

About Bemis Farms

Dark magenta dalia flower, the plant has nearly black leaves.
Dahlia from Bemis Farms 2015: Bela Lugosi variety.

If you haven’t been to Bemis Farms, it’s in Spencer, MA and well worth the drive out from Worcester. Their plants are always top quality and every time I go there, I find something unique. The other reason to shop there is they are incredibly knowledgeable and helpful. I’ve been going there for over 20 years and have never had a bad experience.

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