Five Fork Farm at Canal District Farmers Market

I went to the Canal District Farmers Market to pick up some ranunculus flowers from Fiveforks Farm because I had seen what they were bringing to market on Instagram. Their flowers are gorgeous!

While I was there, I picked up some cat grass too. I wasn’t sure what the Crew was going to think of it since I haven’t brought any home since I adopted them. I got a 50/50 reaction – Fellini and Anakin were ecstatic about it; Andrei and Alice were confused by it entirely. Now I know how much to buy next time.

I used the photos for some photography practice. They’ll be good for banners, backgrounds, and in a project I’m working on. I’ve even had one request for prints. I’ve posted the photos on my photography site, Angle of View – Ranunculus , and the full set is on Flickr. I’ll definitely be making another visit to Fiveforks at the farmers market.